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* Steel frame
* Foldable and soft seat
* Light weight, easy to carry
* With hand brake

Advantages of product:
* Aluminiun manual wheelchair
* ...
FOB Price: US $40-100 / set
Min. Order: 100 set
Features of Kangzhu Far infrared Protectors
* Exclusive passed the clinical experiment in domestic.
* Nontoxic, Non-sensitization, Non-cytotoxicity
* Anion and far-infrared, ...
FOB Price: US $3 / Piece
Aluminium alloy Material
Soft Seat, foldable, foldable handle
Collapsible Foot RestHand Brake

KD2113G Self Propelled Wheelchair Features
1. Quick ...
FOB Price: US $40-100 / SET
Min. Order: 100 SET
Products category
The protector we produced are: Palm protector, wrist protector, elbow protector, stomach protector, waist protector, leg protector, knee protector, ankle ...
Min. Order: 500 Pieces
KangZhu Bamboo Coal Healthcare Pillow
Taking advantage of Bamboo coals′ porous structure, it can effectively absorb body khan to create a clean & comfortable sleeping space. ...
Functions of protector:
1. Promote metabolism, regulate the nervous system and endocrine.
2. Alleviate physical fatigue and local pain, kill pain and dispell cold.
3. Activate ...
FOB Price: US $3-22 / Piece
Min. Order: 200 Pieces
The Characteristic of Knee Protector:

Adopting imported SBR environmental material weaved, Knee Pad is designed according to the Knee Curve, can prevent glancing Collision ...
Min. Order: 1,000 Pieces
The foot patch to make shoes and feet more fitting. Shock absorption, anti-skid, easing pressure. Alleviate the friction between shoes and feet. Allow shoes more ...
FOB Price: US $0.55 / Piece
Name: Breast enhancement massager
* Modern&humanity design with high quality
* Transparent & flexible
* Safe & sealing
* Complete specifications
* Easy to ...
FOB Price: US $5.5 / Set
The High Quality Foaming Palm Support:

Have the Fixing and protection effect for wrist, palms and thumb.

Product features: Elastic around since the sticky belt can according ...
Min. Order: 100 Pieces
1. Features of Kangzhu Far infrared Protectors

1. The use of this protector with far infrared and negative ion and such those high-tech components of functional ...
Min. Order: 100 Pieces
KangZhu Indian Dendranthema Flower Healthcare Pillow
Indian dendranthema has significant protective effect on the cardiovascular system, improve the cardiac oxygen output, ...
FOB Price: US $19-25 / Piece
Min. Order: 200 Pieces
1. Oxygen enrichment and high oxygen mode conversion is convenient, one button can complete.
2. Fashion design, beautiful and generous imports of molecular sieve ...
FOB Price: US $190-250 / Set
Min. Order: 100 Sets
Product: Cupping Kit B1*12

Material: AS and PC

Certification: CE. FDA, ISO9001, ISO13485

Advantage: Curing the disease, making you feel good, prompting the blood cycling.
Min. Order: 1,000 Pieces
The Characteristic:
Adopting imported SBR environmental material weaved, Front tapping designed can strengthen kneecap steady, alleviate kneecap hurt phenomenon that Undeserved ...
FOB Price: US $2.5-22.5 / Piece
Min. Order: 200 Pieces
KangZhu Medical Stone Healthcare Pillow
The medical stone can cure skin sores, tumors, jaundice swollensymptoms. Also the medical stone has strong dissolution, adsorption, ...
FOB Price: US $19-25 / Piece
Min. Order: 200 Pieces
The feature of product
Protect knee-joint
Prevent sport Glancing Collision
Provide dry and comfortable protection

The Characteristic:
Adopting imported SBR environmental ...
FOB Price: US $3.5-22.5 / Piece
Min. Order: 100 Piece
16PC Cartoon Band Aid1, 5000M2 showroom, 100, 000 items displaying2, Strict quality control3, competitive price
16PC Cartoon Band Aid

Item No: 2001637
DESC: ...
Min. Order: 1,000,000 Pieces
The features of the products

1. There is no need to use the fire with the negative pressure cupping, which is convenient to operate and reasonable in price. There is the magnet ...
Min. Order: 100 Pieces
1. KangZhu Student Healthcare Pillow (Memory Sponge)

KangZhu Student Healthcare Pillow is filled by memory sponge and qualified green tea. Using the good performance of memory ...
Min. Order: 1,000 Sets
KD2217LJ Self Propelled Wheelchair Features
1. Quick release 60cm / 24in
2.20cm / 8in front solid tyre swivel castors
3. Nylon corded upholstery - flame retardant
4. Padded ...
FOB Price: US $40-100 / set
Min. Order: 100 set
The Green Tea Healthcare Pillow is refined by the modern technology, on basis of the traditional Chinese medicine therapy.

Tea in the pillow can exudes fresh scent, thus ...
Min. Order: 1,000 Sets
Improve neck and brain blood supply
Strength can be adjusted
Relax tissue pressure
Home healthcare products


The use of home healthcare products, inflatable ...
FOB Price: US $5 / Piece
Advantages of product:

* Stainless steel manual wheelchair

* Collapsible foot rest

* Soft seat & backrest & handrail, more comfortable

* With hand brake for standing
FOB Price: US $62 / Piece